Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday 24th Feb 2008

Here we go again, trying to get the blog up and running, hopefully I will be more successful in posting this time, compared to the 3 posts I managed last year.

so today, my aim is to make a couple of cards and then perhaps some ATC's, being that I am now addicted to making them. If my quest is successful I will post the pictures, but no promises.

Ok, so one ATC made, but no cards yet, but at least I have done something.
Have inked some card but now waiting for it to dry, so not a totally wasted day, and there are still a few hours left.

So, have just made the anniversary card that had to be made, hasn't scanned very well or very straight but what do you expect at this time of night

So thats my rambling for today, at least there will be no rambling from me tomorrow as have to go to real work, but I'll be back on tuesday

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