Friday, 29 February 2008

Friday 29th Feb 08

Well yesterday I ordered some Tildas (finally succumbed) and low and behold they arrived this morning, how excited was I. Unfortunately I was working last night so had to sleep today and I always have trouble crafting when I have worked nights, so they may just have to sit in their little packets until tomorrow when I will be raring to go.

Might go to the art shop tomorrow morning and get some decent pencils, have got the sansodor and stumps, so just need the good pencils to make it all come together. If successful the efforts will be displayed on here.

Might go and do some ATC's though as have a few to make for organised swaps, luckily none are urgent, but I do try to get them made early, rather than have to rush.

Think thats it for tonight, so I'll be back here tomorrow.

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