Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday 15th March 08

Bad, Bad Blogger, so much for all my good intentions.

Well managed to make 3 cards out of the 6 that are needed, so as soon as I have posted this,I'll be away to my little room to try and do some more.

Also want to make my ATC for the Tilda and Friends ATC Challange, will get round to it, but the cards are commisioned, so they have to be done first.

As you can see, Tilda managed to creep into yet another card, I love these stamps, just hope that Lindsey likes it as well.

Boy, how I hate doing Men's cards, I never know what to put on them, at least with girls cards ribbons and flowers are always ok.

So here are the 2 mens cards that I've done today, Both for the same person so had to make them very different, was only given golf and lager as topics to use

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