Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tuesday 11th Mar 08

Well a few days have gone by without me blogging, but I've got round to it tonight.

Finally finished the Doctor Who card and made a card for a friends dad's birthday.

Also made an ATC book for a swap I'm involved in over on the crafts 4 u forum, make a book to your theme, with 6 pages and send it on to the next person on the list. The idea being that the book comes back to you complete with 6 ATC's to your theme, lets see if this happens, no reason it shouldn't unless the postie takes a liking to them which isn't unheard of

Here is the Doctor card, was made for a girl so had to sort of make it a bit feminine, hope that it has worked.

This is the card for the 70th birthday (pretty obvivious really seeing as whats on the card). All I had was the picture to use. Am quite pleased with the way this has come out, took ages to do the diary page as I'm no expert on word and couldn't get rid of the outline on the text box, but hey got it sussed in the end.

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